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Programs Designed to help you ROCK LINKEDIN

What do you need to get from LinkedIn Right now?

Live Q&A & Weekly Support

Exclusive to my community and run Mondays 4:30-5:30 PM BST

8:30-9:30AM PDT Los Angeles
11:30AM-12:30PM EST New York
4:30-5:30PM BST London
5:30-6:30PM CEST Switzerland

12 Week Group Program

Understanding that business owners are always strapped for time and at the same time want to see results, this program is designed to help you get to grips with LinkedIn Basics and those key things you NEED to know to succeed.

One on One LinkedIn Kickstarter Program

The Unfair Advantage I wish I had before wasting Tens of Thousands of Pounds on the wrong Marketers

Designed AROUND YOU, delivered over 4 weeks - only 1 hour a week 

VIP Accountability Group 

Access to 2x 30 min Q&A and Group Coaching Sessions per week Mondays 6:30 pm-7 pm and Thursdays 3 pm-3:30 pm

Commit 1 month at a time £99/month

Commit 3 months at a time £79/month

Commit 12 months at a time £59/m

Come Join some of the Live Talk Shows and learn more

Perhaps you want to build a better picture to see if Mac is the right person you want to work with, see if he resonates with you first. 

Our team

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Mac Laubscher

Founder & CEO

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Joanne Reynolds

Director - Business Development Manager

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Raymond Patmore

Brand Manager

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Joel Felsenstein

Digital Content Officer

TLEP 4 LinkedIn  12 week program post 2022

12-week Video program - £99 

Access one of our 12-week programs, watch & learn at your own pace. 

"Meeting Mac Laubscher meant I discovered a number of things I thought I knew and found a lot more about what I didn’t know. I didn’t know how to use and get the best out of LinkedIn to meet like-minded business owners and build relationships."

"By engaging with Mac’s LinkedIn training program, I have a better understanding of how LinkedIn works, as well as strategies for raising my profile on LinkedIn. Over time, this has led directly to more leads for my business, and regularly receive more approaches about business opportunities than I did before I adopted Mac's approach. "

"I have known Mac for over 10 years now and he has been unbelievably exceeded not just my expectations, but also my clients & teams. His knowledge of LinkedIn has helped me & my team to gain an outstanding personal brand on LinkedIn and generate more business opportunities.

I highly recommend working with Mac if you want to optimize & build your brand in the professional world. His knowledge on LinkedIn will not only make your profile respectable, but you will also gain new insights on how you can properly manage your account so you will get to nurture your connections on this platform.

We all know how essential our online presence is in today’s world. LinkedIn is here to stay & thrive, and Mac is the right person to help you flourish in LinkedIn."

Gil Petersil
Gil Petersil,
Networking Strategist
Global Speaker 🌎 Business & Life coach💡 Mastermind strategist Empower entrepreneurs to Flourish Through the Mastery of Strategic Networking

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